Popular Questions

Do you do trials?

No trials.

Other services that offer free trials are only doing it with your Credit card information in hopes that you’ll forget so they can automatically charge you after the trial is up. We work with big brands and use strategies no other service knows how to use. We have members that have come from different services and tell us how much happier they are with Instamanagers. The Team puts in too much work to give people free trails. We are so confident no other service is better we offer money back if your not 100% satisfied.

Am I able to use my account while your using my account?


We ask that you don’t follow and excessive amount of people a day, but you can use your account as you normally would.

Can I use another service while I use yours?

No. Each account can do a maximum number of interactions per day. We plan to use that maximum number staying just under instagrams regulations, if there is another person or service doing multiple interactions a day we can’t account for them and your page could get temporarily blacked which will only slow us down and your growth down.

How many followers will I grow the first month?

We don’t like to predict your new Dailey average growth rate in the beginning for two reasons. First, Every account is different in regards to the content being posting. Second, every different account begins at a different interaction speed.

The amount of daily interactions we can do is based on a number of factors like how active the account has been in the past, how old/recent the account was made etc. We start from slow to fast, gradually doing more interactions each day. By the third month you are in what we call “Premier Phase” highest interactions with your account’s targeting settings fully optimized.

We cannot force users to follow you they have to decide for them selves if your page is worth seeing everyday. This is why we give you our Posting Strategy Handbook - to not only help with more exposure but teach you how to make an epic page. If your average growth rate is slow our Team makes you a Suggested Improvements Form. We succeed when you succeed.

Is it safe?

Instamanagers is an agency of professionals working within the constraints of Instagram, all accounts are 100% secure. From day one Instamanagers has safely habited every client within its service.

Can you just like and comment not follow?
Or vice-versa?

We can customize your interactions any which way you’d like. We will also give you our experienced opinion based on what you’d like todo.

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