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How does the 24/7 Discover Page Growth strategy work?

Social media is designed to work when your social. The more you can stay on Instagram interacting with other accounts the more opportunities your giving users to notice your account. When they choose to follow and or like your posts you will be on all their followers Discover Pages! This is how accounts grow consistently and organically. The 24/7 Discover Page Growth strategy does this for you, and only to people potentially interested in what your posting, This way they are more likely to follow and become customers. For us to find out who those interested people are you will fill out the Getting Started Questionnaire that will ask what your audience interests are, then the Account Managers will target that audience 24/7 so every new post you make will land on thousands of Discover Pages.

When will I see results?

Within 24 hours you will notice an increase in followers and engagement. The 24/7 DP Growth strategy works faster each week when we collect the data and improve your target audience. The longer you consistently use this strategy with us the more interactions we are able to make, furthering your daily reach to potential fans.

Who we are

Comprised of social media experts, experienced brand consultants, web developers, and visual marketers. The Instamanagers Team is committed to helping you reach success.

Is it safe?

Instamanagers is an agency of professionals working within the constraints of Instagram, all accounts are 100% secure. From day one Instamanagers has safely habited every client within its service.

How do the Custom Calculated Hashtags work?

Most people are unaware how important it is to rank your Hashtags in the Top 9 Post Section. It is there where your tag will stay in one place longer for thousands of people to see, not at the bottom with millions of other moving posts competing for the top of the page. Learn how to make your own for free by filling in the pop up or signing up. You can also get your tags continuously made for you (by professionals) when you sign up with the Premium Pack.

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