Instamanagers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free trial periods?

Unfortunately due to the current high demand for our service we are unable to offer free trial periods to prospective clients. Until we are able to restore our free trial period we have decided to create a 25% OFF Discount for those seeking to try our service out at a discount. Simply enter SUMMER25 at checkout and receive an additional 25% off your purchase.

Can I use my account while I am using your service?


Yes, our Instagram management service is designed to work along side your day-to-day Instagramming. We ask our clients to create content and engage with their followers via comments + direct messages while we create our targeted following and liking outreach and interactions in the background.

I am using another service to post for me, can you post my pictures?

We can create an automated posting schedule for your content. We'll simply email you an easy-to-understand excel sheet detailing how to arrange your content, captions, and preferred post time then you'll be all set.

What results can I expect from your Instagram management service?

You can expect to grow your following and overall engagement, however results are truly performance based. The harder you work providing your current following and new followers with creative and informative content the better our service will perform for you. We do all we can to bring your account to the attention of your targeted follower, but in the end of the day they have to see you producing real value in your account to gain a true follower.

Will this ruin my standing with Instagram?

Simply put no. Instagram has 100's of 3rd party software services utilizing their API to create products and services to better the experience of Instagram users. While we are not a "verified 3rd party software" we work within the same framework to provide you a service we know is safe enough for our own business, family, and clients alike. On top of that we operate via our own US based dedicated private server and use only the safest proxy networks available.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime no strings attached by emailing us

Is there a referral program?

Yes! We offer two free months to users who refer a friend!

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