Fashion Brands Using Instagram Live Like Pros

Fashion Brands Using Instagram Live Like Pros

One of the reasons why Instagram is so incredibly successful as a social media marketing tool is because it helps consumers to feel connected with an individual or a brand. There’s something about seeing the up-close-and-personal view of a store’s day to day routine and even the owner’s life that makes shopping with them more enticing.

When Instagram introduced the “live” option for its stories, it is not certain if it was with the intention of it being a major marketing tool. Either way, it certainly is.

If you want to learn how to use Instagram Live with the best of them, take a look at these three fashion brands who seem to be doing things right.


@freepeople has great sneak peeks


One of the main benefits of Instagram Live videos is that they can be used to give followers a quick sneak peek at new products or services you are offering with your business. When sneak peeks are given through a live video in a story rather than through a picture in your feed it plays a large role in keeping people attentive to your social media presence, because they are only available for a short period of time. Furthermore, when your consumers see something in a live sneak peek that they want they are then more likely to peruse the rest of your feed to search for more great finds.


@anthropologie hosts giveaways

If there is something everyone loves, it’s a free product. Trust us when we say that most online shoppers will not hold back when it comes to getting something for free. They will share your post, comment on it, interact, and even refer their friends—all for a chance at your great prize. And, @anthropologie understands that! One of the ways they are making use of Instagram live videos is by announcing giveaways and the winners of the giveaways to their followers.

When you host a giveaway through your live feed, your followers stay engaged and attentive to your feed for an extended period of time. You have them hooked, and they WILL keep coming back for more!


@urbanoutfitters showcases great sales

For a a massive clothing boutique, @urbanoutfitters does something right with their Instagram Live stories and that is host sales! If there is a product they want to get off the shelves and into their customers’ hands at a great price, they feature it right away and their followers know it!

If you want to be like @urbanoutfitters and grow a fanbase, you can start by attracting people through your sales. So, if you’ve never done a live video before and want to give it a try we suggest that’s where you begin!

Of course hosting sales, giving item sneak peeks, and hosting giveaways is only the beginning of what you can do with Instagram live. Many other successful users also take advantage of the social media marketing feature to do auctions of their products and give styling advice. As a result, they grow a connection with their customers which is the ultimate objective.

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