Boost Engagement Using Story Highlights On Instagram

Boost Engagement Using Story Highlights On Instagram

Instagram stories are short, 15-second videos or a series of pictures that your followers can see by clicking on your profile picture—and they changed social media marketing forever. Their ability to offer a glimpse into a moment of your life, a sneak peek of a product that you offer, or just a little taste of inspiration caught the eye of every Instagram user all over the world overnight.

Now, as an Instagram user, you have the ability to take your Instagram stories that typically disappear and pin them in what is called a “highlight”. Highlights save your most important and favorite Instagram stories for your followers to watch over and over again.

In the world of business and self-promotion, there are a lot of people who are using Instagram Story Highlights to maximize their social media presence. Here are a few we think you can learn from.


@businessmindset101 Organization God



From the moment you take a look at @businessmindset101’s Instagram page you will be able to recognize that it is a professionally curated feed. From the way their pictures are branded with big, bold quotes in the middle to the sneaky lions that scatter the blocks, everything is well planned out for social media marketing. Their Instagram stories and highlights are no exception.

@businessmindset101 is a perfect example of category use for Instagram story highlights. Their highlights are broken down into quotes, blogs, wallpapers, polls, and Twitter. From their highlights, users can catch a glimpse of what the brand stands for, easily access their blog, AND get free wallpapers that will leave a lasting impression.

If you are setting up your Instagram story highlights for the first time, remember to think like @businessmindset101 and set up your stories to direct people where you want them to go and give them something to remember you by!


@goodnessavenue Edible Looking Highlights


If you want to take a look at a profile that does a great job at drawing you in through their Instagram story highlights, take a look at @goodnessavenue. This Australia based food blogger only has a few categories, but a few categories are all she needs. Through her highlights, she shows off a little bit of her life, a lot of her food, and some of what she loves. As you watch the stories on @goodnessavenue’s page you feel like you get to know her, and that’s what stories are all about.

Take a lesson from @goodnessavenue and carefully choose what you put in your Instagram story highlights. If you want to be effective at social media marketing, you will only add the best highlights that leave an impression.


@tannermmann Queen of Pastels


If you want to rock your Instagram story highlights, there is one thing you should learn from @tannermmann and that is to keep it fun! @tannermmann is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who has some of the top posts out there on Instagram. And, in the Instagram story highlights department she does not lack any expertise either! Pinned on her page are stories for everything from how to make a messy bun to her favorite products you can find on sale. Oh, and she even has a special highlight category just for her dog!



So, remember when you are beginning to curate your Instagram story highlights, don’t take yourself too seriously. Your followers want to know that you are having at least a little bit of fun in life!

The world of Instagram and highlights can be a little bit overwhelming if you are new to the game. But, if you get started with a little inspiration from these users we have no doubt you will be on your way to social media marketing success in no time!

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