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Instamanagers stays up to date with Instagram's algorithms to bring you a service that will reach new customers and safely build large followings.

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We stay connected with Instagram to apply safe cutting edge strategies.

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How It Works

Step 1

Submit a short Questionnaire to give us information on the users you want to target for your business.

Step 2

Our Strategists review the data you submitted, then analyze Competitor/Peer accounts and user behavior to build a Custom Audience Targeting (CAT) Strategy.

Step 3

We build your following organically by safely liking, following/unfollowing targeted users through your account. The users we target will see the activity in their notifications tab, and organically begin visiting your profile. (Our secret is timing these interactions to improve visibility). When these new users begin to like and comment on your posts Instagram will place you on all their followers discover pages. This is why NEW engagements are so important (Algorithmic Results). Our second secret strategy is also algorithmic based results, we keep your profile active by regularly engaging with accounts that inspire you or that you(‘d) support, this makes it more likely for your posts to appear in user's Discovery Pages. To know how we do this specifically you must become a member, as we do not want competitors to apply our strategies.

Step 4

You will see new followers and engagement almost immediately after your service begins. We track how users respond to your activity and each month we review the results, make adjustments to your strategy and send you a report.

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  1. Checkout with Premier Management.

  2. After completing checkout, fill out the questionnaire.

  3. Within 12 hours of completing the questionnaire, you'll receive an Instagram verification. Click "This was me".

  4. Watch your account organically get new followers, likes and comments.

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